The best Weapon against Terrorism is Peace - Interview with Dr. Georg Zanger about the Bruxelles' Terror Attacks

In the early morning on March 22 a terrorist attack hit Bruxelles' airport and subway system resulting in 31 people dead and over 200 wounded.


See this interview conducted by "Oriental Business" magazine with Austrian lawyer Georg Zanger .





1. Were the attacks in Brussels on Tuesday inevitable?

The question is how far one can go back historically with this issue. The confrontation with the Arab world goes far back. In the Battle of Tours in October 732 AD the Franks defeated the Muslim Arabs.

From then on, began an oppression of the peoples of Africa and the Middle and Far East, continuing over to the Crusades and the linked "Reconquista" up to the 19th century and the onset of colonialism.


The atrocities committed by the Europeans in the Belgian Congo , Algeria , Mozambique , Rhodesia and the apartheid policy in South Africa have laid the foundation after the Second World War to oil wars against Iran and especially both Iraq wars.


The term ' new world order ' , which is part of the plan for world domination, to gain direct control over the oil of the Middle East was first used in 1990 by US President George Bush Sr. , as the US prepared to invade Iraq. Parallel to the invasion the UN imposed an embargo on Iraq, which limited the import of food, medical care and the necessary rehabilitation equipment. Escape and terrorism are a result of wars.

The wars have left denationalized states like Syria, Libya, Iraq and the Yemen. In these countries 9 000 schools have been closed in the meantime. Teachers flee, as well as parents and their children because they would be hopeless in life without education.

Wars kill, destroy, people flee to not be killed. Peace does not result in people escaping; peace is the strongest opponent against terrorism


2. What does it imply when the terrorists managed to attack the heart of EU?

What does it mean when worldwide Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt get the most military aid from the United States?

What does it mean when Al-Qaeda terrorists and especially the IS can have the most advanced weapons?

Who is interested to equip these people with weapons?

What are the US and its Western allies seeking in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen?

As of 1989, the US was increasingly becoming a target of Islamic militant groups. They came from the Al -Qaeda movement, who were trained, financed and armed by the US in the fight against the Soviet Union in the Afghan war. Then came 9/11. That was the starting point of organized and widening insurgency which leads to the rise of Al -
Qaeda and The Taliban and finally the IS. What we are witnessing today, is a response to our attitude to the illegal wars of USA and its allies

The motto for Muslims could be: "We visit you, because you have nothing to do in our homeland!"

For us it means: „a threat to our secure privileged lifestyle“. We suddenly have to encounter problems, which we have put aside as though they do not concern us.


3. Who is the ultimate culprit of these attacks from Paris last November to Brussels two days ago? What lessons can EU politicians learn from them?

If we apply our criminal justice system, it is clear: Individual terrorists are guilty of organized crime of murder. The perpetrators are identified. We are just looking for individual backers and until the next attack we resume with daily life.

The fact that Western states have supplied terrorist with weapons, waged the Iraq war against international law, USA started undeclared drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan and have bombed Syria daily, are not prosecuted.


4. Legally speaking, what measures are realistic to prevent similar attacks from happening at an airport, subway areas or any public places where people gather?

Ever since the attacks of Paris, Brussels is in focus as a safe haven for terrorists. That fact that there were attacks exactly there, shows which terrorists structures exist in Europe.

Terror can only be defeated when the causes are analysed and are taken action upon. Democracy faces a great challenge to react on the threat and at the same to not give up liberal society.


5. Does it make sense to follow the model of the airport in Tel Aviv, setting up security checkpoints before check-in?

I am not a security expert. It may be that certain places, buildings can be protected better. Then the terrorists will select other targets for their attacks. However, we cannot lock ourselves up and give up our social life entirely.


6. After the attacks in Brussels, all 28 EU members consent to work more intensively together against terrorism. Do you see any concrete agreements ahead?

The worst part is that there is no unitary route. There is a constant battle, a constant struggle. This also strengthens right-wing parties such as the FPÖ, which uses the refugee problem and the attacks as their propaganda.

The European governments have to focus on the really important questions.

Either we begin to solve the world's problems together, or the situation can get out of control-even in Austria. Who does not want that, must answer really the questions of war, starvation, poverty and misery. Otherwise we have very bad cards.

Illegal upper limits for refugees are not the solution. The assassins in Belgium were already naturalized and not refugees.


7. When at the cost of the international convention on civil rights, how effective do you, as an experienced lawyer, imagine the police-state-like control in Europe could be?

We now live in a glass surveillance state. As we see, the limitations of our freedom through diverse inspection and digital international networking, through lawful and unlawful spying have not increased security. Terrorists also know about technological innovations. They have an excellent technical education and the most advanced weapons.

It would already be a legal success to prevent arms shipments. That the West still today provides weapons to Saudi Arabia, which has gained awareness because of public lashing, beheading and strangulation is incomprehensible.


8. seeing the beginning of decade-long era of darkness under the threat of terror militia?

We will also have to deal with fighting poverty and famine caused by our politics and wars in the countries of origin of terrorists. Even Brecht said: Food comes first, then morals!

If we do not take care of the basic concerns of the people in these countries, whose distress was caused by the exploitation by the industrialized countries, we will face a serious threatening time.

On the other hand, the right-wing mob that chivvies racism, hates and sets refugee shelters on fire, is just as worrying.

There is an atmosphere that is more dangerous than the reality. It seems as though the media is allies of the terrorists, creating fear and a Europe-wide trend towards far rightwing parties – in favour of the terrorists‘ objectives. The more unstable Europe becomes, the more their plans unfold.


9. In your opinion, what could be an affordable solution to end the terrorism in Europe in the near future?

We are only shocked when people are killed senselessly in our surroundings. The fact that there is a Paris and a Brussel daily in the war zones, that innocent people, for example in wedding parties are killed, that the killings are charmingly referred to a collateral damage, that because of our disastrous refugee policy there daily are people, woman and children, drowning in the sea, causes no collective mourning and no solidarity demonstrations by us.

The fact that Europe has now allied with Turkey shows how the depth of the rationality of the European policy is. Turkey is suspected of financially supporting the IS with oil and arms supplies.

The fight against the financial sources of the IS can be put into question as their funds were not frozen and it shows how insignificant the fight again terror is being operated. The embargo sanctions against Cuba, Iran and Russia, held more affective measures.

Erdogan is clearly right sided and leads an open war against the Kurds. The democratic rights of citizens are suspended and journalists are prosecuted.

The EU is donating up to 6 billion Euros to this regime, which is turning into a dictatorship, just now aiming to promote accession negotiations to the EU.

As already stated, there is no way around peacekeeping. This includes compliance with international treaties such as the Geneva Convention. We are responsible for ensuring that the consulates in third countries are no longer accessible to applications for asylum. This mistake we have to pay for. The task now is to receive the people escaping and to
protect them.

The same opportunities must be made for new refugees to apply for asylum in their countries or neighbouring countries. In ratio of population, European states must oblige to receive refugees and to treat them humanly. There is no way around that, if our aim is a peaceful future.

Peace and elimination of refugee causes are the solution models.


10. Last but not least, how safe is Vienna right now?

Thankfully, Austria is a neutral country and has not participated in wars in the Middle East and in Asia. Perhaps this position will protect us in the future. Nonetheless, international institutions and conferences are threatened in the same way as other European countries.


Interview with Dr. Georg Zanger about the Terror Attacks in Bruxelles
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