“My name is Mardanjan Ilham. I am a graduated trainee from the education and training center of Atush City, Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture. I hold an extracurricular institution for middle and primary school students.

As a graduated trainee, I knew clearly about the center. The education and training center is a school. Every classroom is big and bright, equipped with multi-media tools that convenient for our study. We had 6 classes every day from Monday to Friday and we could break off during Saturday, Sunday and other national holidays. We could ask for leave in the school when we need. Of course, we can contact with my relatives. I remember that once my parents called me that one of my relative would get married. I asked for one day off for attending his wedding.[…]

The school respected our customs, they applied Halal food by free every day, such as noodles, pilaf, steamed bun and vegetable porridge. Our teachers, just like our family members, took care of us when we got illness. I could remember that once I got the ankle hurt after playing basketball and missed the lunch, our teacher brought herbs and medicines in the first place when he knew what happened. He even brought me a plate of noodles with mutton. I was very touched.”

Quelle: The 4th Press conference by Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Xinjiang-related Issues in Beijing 10.02.2021

Link: http://se.china-embassy.org/eng/zgxw/t1855399.htm